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Expert Testimony

If you are seeking an expert to tell you what you, or your client, want to hear, please move on...Matthew is NOT your expert.  If, however, you are seeking an expert who will devote his time, knowledge and experience to evaluate your case properly and candidly then you have found the right expert.

Experts often make matters far too complicated. Especially in insurance law matters the keys for the expert are tw0-fold. First, to explain to the judge and jury what issues the claim presents, what the insurance company did and why, how each step comported with the policy and why each is necessary.  Second, the expert must be able to withstand vigorous cross-examination both in deposition testimony and at trial.

Matthew brings not only three decades of insurance law courtroom expertise and national training credentials to your case, he also is trained in radio, television and film (receiving his undergraduate degree from the prestigious College Conservatory of Music Electronic Media Department).  Matthew combines knowledge, skill and experience with unequalled presentation and communication skills.